Vijay Packaging System
Vijay Packaging System

E-Commerce - Packaging Material for Online Stores

We provide Packaging Material for E-Commerce Market Place - Online Stores/Websites.
The Types of Packaging we can provide are :
  • Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes
  • Security Bags / Courier Bags / Temper Proof Bags
  • Temper Proof Bags with Airbubble 
  • Air Bubble Rolls 
  • Air Bubble Bags 
  • Bubble Wrap with Large Air Pockets or Big Bubble Size
  • Shrink Packaging Films
  • Plastic Strapping Solutions
  • Corrugated Rolls
  • Polythene Bags
  • Stretch/Cling Film Wrap Rolls
  • Foam Bags
  • Lock Bags
  • Woven Sack Rolls & Bags

These packaging material can be printed with your Custom Logo.

We also provide machines for Packaging 
  • Shrink Packaging Machines
  • Sealing Machines
  • Strapping Machines
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines

Security Bags, Courier Bags

Security Bags, Courier Bags
We provide Temper Proof Self Adhesive - Courier/Security Bags especially customised for E-Commerce Industry having POD pocket for Invoice & self adhesive high strength tape which can only be teared once applied.
These Courier Bags have inner cushioning of thick Air Bubble film to further protect your product from any damages.
These Bags can also be printed with your custom Logo.

Advantages of these bags :
  • Applied with Self Adhesive temper proof tape for easy application
  • Transparent POD pocket for Barcode Scanning from Invoice
  • Completely Opaque Bags, so product is hidden inside the bag
  • Air Bubble film protection for cushioning of your product from any damage.
  • Customised Logo can be printed on bag

These bags are also available without Air bubble film.

Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes Plain

Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes Plain
Approx. Rs 1,850 / Pack
Vijay Packaging System offers a range of Self-Adhesive Tapes manufactured from thin (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene ) BOPP Film Coated with a superior acrylic base adhesive on one side. These Tapes are UV & Weather resistant, user friendly & comes with scratch proof multilayer gravure printing.They are assured & marked tape length & guarantee proof Packaging & quick product identification.
Specifications :Thickness : 36~55Width (mm) : 12~740Length (mtrs.) : 30~650
Manufactured by : BOPP film coated with acrylic base adhesive.
* Customised Printing & Sizes Available.

Silica Gel Bags

Silica Gel Bags
Approx. Rs 100 / kg
Silica Gel Pouch / Silica Gel Sachet / Silica Gel Bag White Silica Gel Pouch & Blue Silica Gel Pouch. Silica Gel Pouch are made with the help of Non-Woven Cloth or Paper. Silica Gel is packed with the help of Packing M/c. in different type of cloth or paper. Silica Gel Pouch are also know as Silica Gel Bag, Silica Gel Sachet or Desiccant Pouch, Desiccant Sachets, Desiccants Bag, Desiccants Packets, Silica Gel Packets, White Silica Gel Pouch, White Silica Gel Bag, White Silica Gel Sachet, Blue Silica Gel Pouch, Blue Silica Gel Bag, Blue Silica Gel Sachets.
Type : ◊ White Silica Gel Pouch / Bags(Non-Indicating Type) ◊ Blue Silica Gel Pouch / Bags (Indicating Type) ◊ Orange Silica Gel Pouch / Bags (Indicating Type)
Weight :Pouch are available in size 0.5-1-2-3-5-10-20-25-50-100-200-250-500gm & 1kg .Packing Materials : ◊ Composite Paper ◊ Non-Woven Paper ◊ Dotted Cloth ◊ Cotton Paper ◊ Cloth and Tyvek Paper
Printing :The packages bear printings in English. It can be designed according to the customers requirements too.External packaging : ◊ Plastic Bags ◊ Plastic Drum ◊ Corrugated Drum ◊ Steel Drum Applications of Silica Gel Pouch :We supply various packaging sizes of Adsorbent Silica Gel suited to various applications including ◊ Medicines ◊ Chemicals ◊ Surgical Instruments ◊ Electrical Instruments ◊ Automobile Insdustry ◊ Storage of Doucuments ◊ Pharmaceutical ◊ Electronics Instruments ◊ Garments ◊ Leather ◊ Food Products ◊ Containers ◊ Tool boxes ◊ Storage containers ◊ Safes and vaults ◊ Silver drawer ◊ Firearms ◊ Photos ◊ Stored vehicles ◊ Cargo holds on RVs, boats, etc ◊ Collectibles (stamps, coins, etc.) ◊ Computer ◊ Metal and machine parts ◊ Industrial equipment ◊ Pharmaceuticals and vitamins Electronics ◊ Military instruments ◊ Circuit Boards ◊ Documents ◊ Instruments ◊ Photographic equipment and film ◊ Foodstuffs ◊ Batteries ◊ Pet foods ◊ Optical devices ◊ Medical equipment ◊ Seeds ◊ Jewelry

Air Bubble Film Rolls, Bags

Air Bubble Film Rolls, Bags
Approx. Rs 1,050 / Roll(s)
Vijay Packaging System offers Air Bubble wrap sheets , a flexible & transparent plastic  sheet  containing numerous small air pockets. These sheets offer cushioning & scratch protection far superior than to packaging paper and are used to protect items during shipping & storage. Bubble wrap is lightweight , water resistant , reusable non-scratching  & is used for packaging fragile items. It can also be used to cushion medium to heavy weight products in various industries.

Air Bubble film is also available different shapes such as :-
• Air Bubble Bags
• 3D Bags or Mother Bags
• Pallet Hoods 
Various Other Shapes

Manufactured byLDPE (Low Density Poly Ethyline)
Bubble Diameter10mm
Service Temperature8~60°C
PouchesAs per your requirement

3-Ply Corrugated Boxes for Online Sellers

3-Ply Corrugated Boxes for Online Sellers
Approx. Rs 8 / Box(s)
We provide small corrugated boxes for E-Commerce companies & online sellers selling on various websites such as flipkart, paytm, amazon, shopclues sanpdeal etc.

We have 6 sizes in stock, the rates of the following are as follows :

3-Ply Corrugated Boxes

Item Code

Size(In Inches)

L x W x H


































Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Box(s)


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